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Live blogging

One of the ways that traditional media have been trying to contact with their online audiences is through live blogging. The most recent one, sort of anyway, is that of Annabel Crabb’s blogging of the 2020 summit in Canberra. I’m not sure if it’s that successful - I think maybe the initial blog could have been updated with timestamps instead of just Crabb responding to comments, but that could be more because of the limitations of the blogging system that the Herald uses rather than anything else.

That said, one of the comments cited the Twitter site as one way for summit attendees to mobile blog. Interestingly, it hasn’t been used at all. Maybe Twitter has’t really taken off in popularity in Australia? Or are people at the summit not really tech-savvy?

I think one of the most successful live blogging ventures is that of sports blogging. It’s a bit like live football commentary on the radio - you can’t see it, so you’ve gotta go your updates somewhere else. I think it’s telling that when the Guardian Unlimited has minute-by-minute commentary on Premier League matches in England, the page is one of the most read on the site. Of course, online readers have to refresh the site to read the latest updates, but assuming that the Guardian’s stats of the Top 5 (as shown on the site) are that of unique visitors and not page impressions, then that’s a pretty mean feat. That’s also credit to some very very witty commentary by the Guardian’s footy scribes.

The BBC also has good live “reporter’s diary” style blogs that allow readers to follow say the US elections, or a summit etc. The current “diary” is the Pope’s US tour.

I’m sorry if my examples are very anglo-centric. They are just the initial sites I can think of. Are there other good ones that you can suggest??